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Ang dating daan religion history

In the meantime Japan set up a puppet government under Jose Laurel, to which most Filipinos, appalled by the abuses of the Japanese forces, responded with guerrilla resistance that effectively controlled 60% of the islands, stalling assimilation into the Japanese Empire long enough to make Mac Arthur's return easier — but not that much, as Japan used the islands as their final line of defense to Japan, leading to the largest naval battle in the world over Leyte Gulf, which saw a decisive American victory, and brutal urban warfare in Manila which saw thousands of deaths.

After war's end, the United States finally fulfilled its promise on July 4, 1946 (a year late to the original plan).

It helps that most of these workers speak Surprisingly Good English, a mark of the nation's colonized past.

The islands were settled as early as 67,000 years ago, evidenced by the metatarsal of a man found in Cagayan valley in 2007.

Bonifacio's position would be challenged by the Cavite-based Magdalo faction of the Katipunan, led by landlord Emilio Aguinaldo, who later took over in 1897 but was driven into exile in Hong Kong that same year.

During this time the Spanish-American War broke out, and the Philippines became one such theater. He then returned to the Philippines backed by US forces in May 1898, declared independence on June 12, and founded what is today considered the "first" Republic a year later.

), is a Southeast Asian country with an amalgamation of Malay, Chinese, and Spanish roots and cultures on the western end of the Pacific Ocean.

Made up of 7,107 islands (divided between Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions), the Philippines is the fourth-largest Asian Anglophone country, much of its population having Austronesian roots.

The Philippine Revolution, led by Andres Bonifacio and the "Katipunan" secret society (whose full acronym was KKK, no relation to the American one) broke out in August 1896.

War erupted again as the Filipinos fought the Americans in a conflict called the Philippine Insurrection or the Philippine-American War.

That officially ended in 1902 after Aguinaldo was captured, though pockets of resistance remained for a decade afterwards.

Although the islands had few, if any, traces of the great centralised kingdoms in most of the rest of Southeast Asia, they were occupied by several small, functionally independent, royal city-states, generally established along riverbanks or coastal areas, known as (especially after the Islamic influx; this is still true for hereditary rulers in Mindanao, for example).

The more notable examples of precolonial kingdoms include Cebu, Butuan, Tondo (the kingdom that issued the debt pardon inscribed on the Laguna Copperplate, above), and Manila (formerly named Seludong), as well as the more organised Sultanates of Sulu and Maguindanao in the south.

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