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This shampoo has received rave reviews about its gentleness and effectiveness at getting rid of brassy or yellow tones in hair. Blue Malva can be purchased at Nordstrom and select department stores for less than .

For instance, if you have a light yellowing, then steep the tea to a dark lavender color.Like color, this will last about six to eight weeks.Several factors can cause gray hair to turn yellow. Another is the environment, such as too much sun or overly chlorinated water or contains water that contains a high amount of iron.After shampooing your hair, rinse your hair using the vinegar and apple cider mixture.Work it through your hair and rinse well with clean water. Let the tea steep until you get the color purple you want.

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If your hair has a darker, more noticeable yellowing, brew the tea until almost room temperature for a dark purple. Make a tea of purple hollyhock petals and hot water.