Filipina chatrooms

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Filipina chatrooms

It was all still new and weird for us both, but by the Janet episode, I think I was good to go like Dirk Diggler.(ok, not that big) Janet sure knew how to blow a guys dick; undoubtedly from working the bars and being quite popular as I would learn later. And she really got into it hard with all her bouncing and moaning.There wasn’t much in the way of a plot with this one, and once we let it be known what we were really lookin’ for, we pretty much got right down to business when we got back to the little short time hotel we rented for a few hours.

Her name is Janet and her English ain’t the best, so the awkward dialogue doesn’t really matter anyway.

Got right to it w/ the blow job and I was more than hard and ready to go.

You see, as this was only the 2nd or 3rd time I was doing the stickman duties, there was still concern about “stage fright” and getting a hard-on in front of your buddy holding the camera right in front of you.

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