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Dating forum powered by phpbb

If there was ever a remake of a mainstream death scene that fell far short of the original it was trying to pay tribute to, this is it.

In other words, this is not the Frenzy remake you're looking for.

What we wind up with is a total clash of production elements - Drew and Brit trying miserably to create a sense of drama, and a musical score trying to lighten the mood.

Brit reluctantly agrees to show him the door, giving the camera what was apparently really just a nice excuse to see her walk in those pumps (no complaints there).

The clip starts well enough, with Brit on the phone arranging a couple of matches with her clients.

There were a couple instances where she tripped over her dialogue, but nothing too jarring.

Meanwhile, Brit pleads with him to just be done with her so he'll leave.

After sitting her in a chair, he orders her to take her hair down to start with.

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At about 10 minutes into the video, he finally removes his tie with one hand while still fondling her breast with another, making the whole reveal that he's the Necktie Strangler a moot point.

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