Book speed dating lesson plan dating man going through divorce children

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Book speed dating lesson plan

I am a caffeinated educator with the incredible privilege of teaching high school English and serving as a school leader.

This is my seventh year at Northgate High School on the south side of Atlanta where teach AP Literature and also lower level American literature.

Nick Garcia and Delilah Panagopoulos, both 13, are on a date — but not with each other.

Faculty members may choose books which have been personal favorites for students to browse or students may each submit a couple of their favorite books for others to choose from.

Today my students will speed date books on Valentine’s day complete with chocolate and candles. As a follow up to speed dating, I carry the analogy further by discussing dating the book.

A book may start slow but grow on you as the more you read it, so I encourage students to not give up too quickly on a book.

Sometimes, however, the book does not live up to the hopes and expectations of a student, and students have permission to break up with a book and try another one.

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When we arrive in the library, several books are arranged on tables and students find a table and sit with their guided note page.

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