Gridview rowupdating event not handled

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Gridview rowupdating event not handled

For example, imagine that two users, Jisun and Sam, were both visiting a page in our application that allowed visitors to update and delete the products through a Grid View control.

Figure 1 graphically depicts this series of events.

A few seconds after Jisun's changes have been committed, Sam updates the category to Condiments and clicks Update.

This results in an to the corresponding Beverages category ID, and so on.

For example, if a user locks a record for editing and then leaves for the day before unlocking it, no other user will be able to update that record until the original user returns and completes his update.

Therefore, in situations where pessimistic concurrency is used, there's typically a timeout that, if reached, cancels the lock.

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Note We won't look at pessimistic concurrency examples in this tutorial series.

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