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Some of the creatures could be a bit scary for ten year olds and younger.

There is a report button if you see something you don't like, which is quite useful. Pixel gun is a first person shooter where players can kill or be killed.

It is always shooting and attacking which is pretty much what the whole game is about so if you don't like shooter games I wouldn't recommend it. if you get this for your kids/kid make sure they play the offline mode because only the person on the other side of screen knows who they are I first got this game when someone recommend it to me. I loved the fact that it was in the style of minecraft.

Why are adults saying it's violent I play Titanfall and it's way more violent than this, And it says ages 12 or 11 or something like that. And because at the time I loved Minecraft, I also became obsessed with Pixel Gun.

Sure there are red bloody pixels coming out of characters you shoot but you can barely see it!

I'm sure your child has seen blood before so stop acting like your child is going to become a killer by playing this game.

Pixel Gun 3D has a mode where people can chat all they want, its called "Sandbox Mode" but you can easily stay away from that, just go into any other mode besides "Sandbox" Mode so you don't have to deal with people!

Now the thing about this game is that it is set in a Minecraft background With some blood but still very little There is an arena where you fight hoards of zombies mummys spiders ect.This game is really fun and awesome , this is like Call of Duty and Minecraft mixed in together. There is open chat system which can also be a problem.If you are looking for a good first FPS app this is what your looking for. Now Pixel Gun 3D DOES NOT have any personal information or problems like that in the game. It is super rare to find people talking in the chat because they want to play the game and not sit in the chat!The campaign is nice no cussing except for chat online and you can even turn that off.In all it is fun and captivating : DGood game, on the apple store age rating it is 17 however I have seen games on there that are 12 that have blood and have a lot of violence so I wouldn't really trust their age ratings too much.

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Nintendo knows full well the 830,000-plus Nintendo 3DS early adopters in the U. won't be amused by the $80 price drop of the handheld console, just four months after launch.